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May 2019
Lipo Nitro RC Remote control
Lipo Nitro RC Remote control i hate (crapy) parking lot  drifting Speedy10


 i hate (crapy) parking lot drifting

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i hate (crapy) parking lot  drifting Empty
PostSubject: i hate (crapy) parking lot drifting   i hate (crapy) parking lot  drifting EmptySun Apr 29, 2012 4:26 am

so it's time. you worked all them hours to get your e10 your classic tamiya or your touring car you usta race out and up to snuff. you feel good you painted a nice body. got some leds. your ready. so it's sliding fine. you wander to more open spaces in the lot of your choice and your having fun. then it happens. a small ass crack in the lot flipped your car or even worse you broke somethin. i hate this but i know it happens. theres no sence crying about it. but wouldn't it be nice if there were a drift track around here? slow pace. more skill. slower pace. a smooth rock free track with no concrete curbs. where can i go to find this place? the meijer lot i'm a target. i can't stand it. so till i find that place i'm gonna keep weaving your parked car while your getting grocries and if they just paved a lot near you and want to have fun take those sticky slicks off the 1:10 and spend 25 whole dollars on some drift tires
just keep it slow. speed and no traction puts you under tires. stay away from cracks they suck
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i hate (crapy) parking lot drifting

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